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You have a computer problem? We can solve it without surprising costs
You need a new computer? We can help you finding the best computer for you
Computer Support One of our service is providing computer support. A support request can be made by phone or online over the internet. All these information are confidential and we answer your request as soon as possible. If you have problems with your computer we are coming on-site. We pick-up also the computer and bring the repaired computer back. How you can save money? You can subscribe support services with us. During the subscription time we will fix your problems, without any additional costs (except new hard parts). We have two packages, one for the home user, one for a small business. Is that not the idea for saving computer costs?  Ask us and we will contact you. Computer Cleaning Did you know that dust and dirt can shorten the life and efficiency of your computer. Over time, dust build up on components within your system can cause sensitive components to retain heat. This can slow down or even physically damage your system. Lets our expert clean your system inside and out.
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